Past Events

Med revue

Kia ora, ko Makayla Wadsworth toko ingoa one of the 2022 Med Revue Directors. It was an absolute pleasure being able to yet again bring medical students together to raise money for charity through our 2022 show ‘Murmur Mia’. Med Revue is a medical parody/musical that occurs every year at SkyCity Theatre and manages to donate all ticket proceeds to charity. While donating money is great, forming friendships and memorable experiences through making a show with your best friends is what makes Med Revue a huge highlight of many people’s medical school career. Over the span of four months you make your closest friends in med school and end up delivering a performance that entertains thousands of your medical colleagues. For those of you that want a fun break after lectures or a creative outlet to sing, dance, act, play in a band, make sets and costumes then definitely sign up for Med Revue. 


The AUMSA 2022 Winter Wonderland Ball was un-brrrrrr-lievable! We were so pleased to be able to bring back our annual ball after 3 years, and our 2022 social representatives, Emilie, Jono and Lexie, did such a fantastic job organizing a great event for everyone. We had a fabulous evening at the Cordis Hotel and everyone looked absolutely stunning, all dressed to the nines! The night started off with The Goodbrew band who played a few groovy tunes to get the room moving and DJ Jan sent us off into the night with some raging party classics! The banquet buffet was a crowd pleaser and the bars were well used by all 500 guests! We celebrated a few of our peers with some special awards and had a very memorable night with all years across the programme. Thank you to everyone that joined us!


Kia ora!! This is Shou and Jaffar, the 2022 AUMSA education reps! It was a blast hosting educational events for students the past year. A favourite event that we hosted a number of times was our problem-based learning (PBL) events in which groups of preclinical students gathered in teams to apply their knowledge, eat some food, and try to solve some clinical problems with the guidance of clinical students.

With the pizza hot, red bull cans open, students were able to enjoy a guilt-free evening of productive procrastination while also testing their knowledge of clinical cases. These events were done such that the topics were relevant to the current modules being learned by preclinical students. This served to be an excellent medium for students to experience a more interactive style of learning while also accompanying themselves with fellow peers. With the assistance of clinical students to guide them through clinical cases, students also were able to get a glimpse into life on the wards and contextualise knowledge learned in lectures.

We’re excited to see these PBL events carry on in the future for preclinical students to experience and enjoy!!